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Spring and Fall, poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. To be performed by Melanie Mitrano, soprano, at Caldwell College, Caldwell, NJ. December 3, 2006.

Note to Amadeus, poem by Joan Rudel. Soprano and piano.

Butterfly's Child, poem by Joan Rudel. Soprano and piano.

Nothing Is So Beautiful As Spring, poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins. Baritone and piano.

Prelude (Solo Flute):  in Laurels Project, Vol.I: Points of Entry, Capstone Records. 

In Anguish And In Hope: A Psalm For Today, text psalms and Book of Micah. Performed by the Manhattan Choral Ensemble.

Gothic Fantasy: Performances at Greenwich Music House, New York City; and Manhattanville College, Claudia Knafo, pianist.

Winter Weather Advisory, poem by Ann Silsbee.  Soprano and piano.  Premiered  at the Memorial Concert of Ann Silsbee’s poetry at Greenwich Arts House, NYC.

A Famine Sequence, poems by Desmond Egan. SATB, solos, piano, flute, harp.

The Panther, poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. Tenor, piano, cello. Premiere, Nicholas Roerich Museum, New York City.

A Portrait of Dorothy Day, libretto by Donna Gaspardi. Cantata for small instrumental ensemble and voices.

Three Pieces for Guitar based on Paintings by Oviedo, Premiere, Anthony Ocana, Art Institute, The Dominican Republic.

Binsey Poplars and The Windhover, poems by G.M. Hopkins. Performed at the Gerard Manley Hopkins Conference in Co. Kildare, Ireland. Nancy Ogle, soprano.

Binsey Poplars, poem by G.M. Hopkins. SATB. Performed in SONG SETTINGS OF GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS, Macalester University.

Pied Beauty, poem by G.M. Hopkins. and By the Waters of Babylon Psalm. Women's Chorus. Performed during A Celebration of Women Composers: A New York City Soundscape, Columbia University.

Scherzato piano. Elena Ivanina, pianist. Chosen for performance:
International Festival of Contemporary Music, Moscow
U.S. Embassy, Moscow for an audience of the cultural leaders of Moscow
 Recital of Contemporary Piano Works for Music at Sarah Lawrence 

Fanfare on "Te Deum". Award and performance at "Music Alaska," University of Fairbanks, Alaska.

Epithalamion based on G.M. Hopkins' poetry. Small orchestra, boys' choir, SATB, Annabelle Gamson Dancers. Performed at Manhattanville College.

The Crucifixion.  Medieval Irish text. Soprano and piano. Premiere, Mareda Gaither-Graves, University of Wisconsin, Madison.

O Come With Me. Soprano and piano. In recital by Keri McCarthy, Manhattanville College.

The Little Vagabond, poem by Wm. Blake. Soprano and piano. In recitals:
University of Mexico
Conference of the International Society for NeoPlatonic Studies, University of Liverpool
University of Maine
Round Top Center for the Arts

Only For So Short Awhile, poem by unknown Aztec.  For SATB, piano, drums. To premiere, June 2007, Vanguard Voices, Detroit, MI.

Sic Transit Gloria.  Latin text.  SSAATTBB.

Impressions: Oviedo.  Guitar solo. Performed by Armaldo Friere, International Meeting of Women Composers, Brazil.

Aceldama for String Orchestra and Solo Flute. Performed by the Antara Ensemble, St. Peter’s Church, NYC.

The Windhover, and The Caged Skylark, An Evening with Gerard Manley Hopkins, Capstone Records  

The Caged Skylark, Premiere, solo recital by Francesca Pannell, United Nations, Dag Hammersjold Auditorium, NYC 
, poem by G.M. Hopkins. Performed at the Conference on Platonism, Neoplatonism and Literature, U. of Maine.

I Am Ireland, texts by various 20th-Century Irish poets. Soprano and Harp.
Premiered by New York  Women Composers/Aviva Players, Manhattanville College.
I Am Ireland
      I Want to Get Married
     Cradle Song
     The Taste of Famine
     O Come With Me

Set Me As A Seal Upon Your Heart, text Song of Solomon. Performed by Keri McCarthy, soprano.

Fragments for Guitar. Premiere, Anthony Ocana, Art Institute, The Dominican Republic

Variations for Piano. Premiere, The Fechin Institute, Taos, New Mexico.

Cantata for the Children of Terezin, settings of poems by children of Theresianstadt,
  for orchestra, SATB, children’s choir

A Portrait of Dorothy Day, libretto by Donna Gaspardi. Instrumental ensemble and voices

Introibo. Latin text. SATB and brass quintet

The Panther, poem by Rilke. For soprano, cello, piano. Premiere, The Nicholas Roerich Museum, NYC

Lullaby and O, Come With Me.  Performed by Karen Lichti, Dutch Reformed Church, Bronxville, N.Y.

Girl With Cello, poem by May Sarton. Premiere, The National Poetry Foundation Conference, University of Maine. Performed by Nancy Ogle and Ginger Hwaleck.
_________, and other songs performed at SOUNDS OF NEW YORK,  Manhattanville College.  Performed by Nancy Ogle and Ginger Hwaleck.

Pied Beauty and By the Waters of Babylon for Women’s Chorus.  Performed at A NEW YORK CITY SOUNDSCAPE, Columbia University.

Let Me Be to Thee, poem by G.M. Hopkins. Premiere, University of Maine

Scherzato, Piano. Chosen for performance at:
U.S. Embassy for an audience of the cultural leaders of Moscow
Sarah Lawrence by Elena Ivanina, pianist, in a recital of contemporary works for piano

Intrada for Brass Quintet. Performed at the national meeting of The College Music Society

Fanfare on Te Deum, awarded performance at “MusicAlaska” at the University of Fairbanks

Epithalamion, G.M. Hopkins poems, for chamber orchestra, boys’ choir, SATB, dancers.  Performance, Manhattanville College. Directed by Annabelle Gamson. Thou Art Indeed Just, SATB; Spring and Death, soprano/piano/flute; Carrion Comfort, SATB; No Worst, There is None, SATB; My Own Heart, SATB; Duns Scotus' Oxford. boys' choir; Pied Beauty, soprano/piano; The Windhover, soprano/piano; Heaven Haven, alto/piano; To Seem the Stranger, SATB; Henry Purcell. SATB; God's Grandeur, SAA and SAT; I Wake and Feel the Fell of Dark, SATB.

A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens text, musical, published by Pioneer Drama Company, Denver, Colorado 


Patience, SATB

The Eagle, poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Baritone/piano.

The Burial, poem by James McKenna. Baritone/piano.

Three Love Songs, poem by Sarah Teasdale. Soprano/piano.

Passio et Mors, for orchestra and double chorus. Published, Washington University.

Mass of the Transfiguration. Published, The World Library of Sacred Music

Stonehenge: Fragments. Premiere, the St. Louis Symphony's New Music Circle

 Piano pieces for children in collections published by Charles Scribner and Sons, N.Y.

Tenebrae Factae Sunt, SATB, unaccompanied.


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